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The Quart Creixent Taller d'Art is located in the center of Palma, near the Town Hall and the Cathedral. A very narrow street but a very spacious workshop. Located on the ground floor of a Baroque house, with a large window overlooking the garden of the property, peace and light of the study make the work a pleasure.

Academia dibujo
Escuela Pintura

The classes are devouted to a reduced number of students for better individual tuition.  You can leave your paints and current work in the atelier.  With this very individualized approach the classes are as profitable to the unexperienced who have never before picked up a brush as for those who are already experienced. It also allows the space for those who have not got it at home togehter with the advantage of progressing side by side with other artists and the guidance of the teacher when needed.



You have to come to the church of Montesión. Standing wiht the temple at your back, is the alley that you have right in front. By Bus: the nearest stop (4 min.) is next to the petrol station at the end of the avenues, near the sea.

Paleta colores


Tuesday from 11 to 13.30 h.

Tuesday, wednesday and Thursday from 17 to 20.30 h.


The first day is without commitment,

but you need to notify your attendance (the payment is done the second day).


Adults (16 years of age and over).

July and august closed.



Address: C / Criança, 4A - 07001 Palma

Phone: 626310321

E-mail: carlos1969ca@gmail.com


The Quart Creixent Taller d'Art is a school of drawing and painting which started in 2007. It is open to all who wish to develop their creative abilities in the field of Fine Arts. We give courses for professional or as a way of developing creativity and personal growth. Thus, the school of painting and drawing is meant for anyone who likes art and wants to enter the world of the pencil, chiaroscuro, color and self-expression, allowing to capture his inner restlessness or for anyone who wants to improve technique at an advanced level. The courses are individualized covering all types of artistic techniques and drawing from the graphite, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, oil, watercolor, collage, mixed media, etc. Expressive styles span the contemporary art both abstract and figurative. We work on an introduction to abstraction as personal language, or if the student has a figurative sensibility we guide him so that he can do it with dominance, security and modern perspective.

The Fine Arts are one of the ways that most benefit the birth of creativity and enrich people's sensitivity. Practiced from an early age, favors the development of the individual to their plastic education. Also acquires the ability to express themselves and increase their personal and human development.

In the workshop students begin in the drawing and painting through theoretical and practical classes that provide insight into the techniques and concepts that give rise to a painting and encourage their creativity.

The program is tailored to the progress of each student according to their aspirations and that classes are in small groups and care is personal.




The professor who runs the school, Carlos Cerda Alabern, studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando, at the Complutense University of Madrid, following the specialty of painting. His work is multidisciplinary and covers various approaches, evolving from figurative painting to abstract. Master the various techniques currently used in the world of art and his teaching career enables him to teach them in depth and detail.


The Art School Quart Creixent also has an exhibition hall at the entrance at street level. There the  students can expose their work to the public. This allows the enrichment of the other students that can assess the work once finished, with good lighting and installation of paintings and drawings. It also stimulates creativity because the work gives the students ideas, suggests possibilities for other artists who attend the workshop, and encourage mutual enrichment in a dynamic  school. Also anyone passing by the street can appreciate and be interested in the work being done in academia.